Quarles Diesel Plus Fuel Program

Diesel Plus Q-Card

Control. Simplicity. Convenience.

Are you still carrying multiple fleet cards to keep pace with changing needs? Simplify your fuel purchasing program with the Diesel Plus fuel card from Quarles. One card allows you the control and convenience you need to save time and money on your fleet’s fuel purchases.

Quarles Diesel Plus fuel card is the most cost effective way to fuel your fleet of diesel trucks anywhere in the country. With one card, your drivers can fill up at a wide range of fueling stations across the country without any hassle. It even qualifies you for cash prices at select truck stops across America. With our convenient accounting data you can easily access all of your card transactions in one location, saving you valuable time that could be better spent running your business.

 Save time.

  • Eliminate the hassle of collecting, recording and reconciling fuel receipts
  • Track purchases for all vehicles under one program
  • Manage your account online from wherever you are

Greater control over fuel expenses.

  • Fuel with one card at more than 40,000 locations nationwide, including Quarles sites
  • Save money with cash price at select trucks stops
  • Require identification codes to be entered for every purchase
  • Set purchase controls for each card:
    • To specific times of day
    • Gallon limits
    • Number of transactions per day
  • Change purchasing controls online

Simplified, consolidated reporting.

  • Access account data and transaction information through our easy-to-use website 24/7
  • One consolidated report shows transactions for all card users
  • Custom reporting to save you time
  • Simple access to copies of all your invoices