Choose the Quarles Fuel CardWith the Quarles Fleet Fueling Program and our Classic Card, you’ll not only notice fuel savings, but your fleet will have access to the reliable and convenient locations only Quarles can offer.

Savings you can count on.

Our premium treated fuels can increase your fleet’s MPG by up to 5%. Plus, you’ll be able to sign up for daily price notifications via email or text and be rest assured of our member pricing. At Quarles, we are dedicated to getting your fleet fueled and keeping money in your pocket.

Locations you can trust.

With the largest network of fuel stations on the East Coast, your fleet will be able to enjoy over 120 Quarles locations. If your fleet travels outside of our network, check out our Universal Card, where your business will have access to 98% of fuel stations nationwide.

Track your fleet with GPS Fleet Tracking.

With our exclusive GPS Fleet Management Software, you’ll never wonder where your fleet is. From vehicle maintenance reminders to verifying vehicle stops to acquiring vehicle MPG statistics, with GPS Fleet Tracking, you’ll have even more control managing your fleet.

Keep your drivers (and bank account) happy with fleet fuel management