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5 Tips for On Site Fuel Management for Municipal Customers

Municipal fleets offer a variety of services to their communities. From snow removal to water distribution to waste management to police and fire, it’s critical that municipal fleets include vehicles that can be counted on day-in and day-out. One of the most important factors for running vehicles is, of course, the fuel. Instead of choosing […]

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Is Your Fleet Data Helping Your Business Grow?

We’ve talked about the power of fleet metrics to improve safety in your company, but what about helping to grow your business? Fleet data can come in many forms, from spending (such as fleet fuel card metrics) to technology (like GPS tracking and management data) and so on. Fleet data and metrics are meant to improve […]

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4 Ways to Save By Analyzing Fleet Drivers

Your fleet drivers are a substantial part of your business. They’re responsible for the final touchpoint with the customer – whether it’s a service or a delivery. Tracking or analyzing your fleet drivers is now a mainstay amongst fleets worldwide. Not only will you gain valuable insights into driving patterns and areas for improvement, but […]

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3 Ways Your Fleet Metrics Will Improve Fleet Safety

We’ve talked about the importance of fleet data and metrics, as well as how to improve the data you use. But did you know that your fleet metrics can have a direct impact on fleet safety? Without a doubt, fleet safety is one of the most important reasons to use your fleet data to your […]

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5 Reasons Why Your Fleet Program Needs Cardlock Stations

Which Fuel Card Is Right For Your Fleet?

As with all credit cards, there are a number of options for fuel credit cards for your fleet. For example, here at Quarles Fleet Fueling, we offer customers a Classic Fuel Card, Universal Fuel Card, and Diesel Plus Fuel Card. Each card offers its own set of unique features and benefits that make it the […]

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3 Ways Cardlock Fueling Will Add Control & Fueling Efficiency to Your Fleet

Cardlock stations offer fleets a number of valuable benefits, but perhaps none so valuable as the control and efficiency you’ll gain. From consistency to being distraction-free to security, your fleet will enjoy countless perks from cardlocks. Here are 3 ways cardlock fueling will add control and fueling efficiency to your fleet. 1. Improve control and […]

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Preventative Fleet Maintenance: The Do’s and Don’ts of Proactive Maintenance

Preventing fleet issues starts at the source: through proactive maintenance in your commercial vehicles. Ensuring that your fleet is running at its best means your vehicles are well-maintained for optimal fuel efficiency and safe performance. Here are the do’s and don’ts of proactive fleet maintenance. Don’t…ignore regular maintenance. When your fleet is busy, it’s easy […]

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Improve Your Fleet Data Management with 4 Easy Steps

Reviewing data for your fleet can yield countless benefits. From improving driver efficiency and turnover to improving customer service and experience, fleet data has the ability to increase how successful your business is overall. But are you effectively using your fleet data? Are you managing it in the best way(s) possible? Or are you so overwhelmed you […]

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How To Keep Your Drivers Happy With Fleet Fuel Management
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